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Join us at the Brooklyn Navy Yards Building 77 on Saturday October 27th for

Twisted Toy Factory
A one-of-a-kind Halloween experience! 
773 Collective is presenting two Halloween events:
 Twisted Toy Factory: Making Mischief
 Experience a free, safe, fun-filled afternoon of all-ages trick-or-treating, immersive scenery, raffle, and Halloween themed activities! 
Twisted Toy Factory: Manufactured Mayhem
 A 21-and-over extravaganza featuring free drinks, free light fare, live DJ, a silent auction and costume contest! 
Ticket sales from Manufactured Mayhem help us to subsidize our free community oriented event, Making Mischief.  Net Proceeds from each of these events, including ticket sales, raffles, and silent auction will go to support local NYC food charity City Harvest!
If you cannot attend either event, but would still like to support these great causes you can donate to Twisted Toy Factory below!! 
Your support will help us to bring a great Halloween experience to many New York youths!! 


Halloween Charity Event

New York City has always provided for 733 Collective. Not only is it our home, but for all of our events we scour the city in search of discarded, forgotten, or otherwise unwanted artifacts - old furniture, dusty mannequins, unwanted building materials, you name it - and repurpose these discoveries in the creation of our immersive environments. Giving a second life to these overlooked gems in a large part fuels our creativity.

This search for, and repurpose of, perfectly sound discarded items has inspired us to team up with this year’s charity partner. City Harvest is a local NYC organization in whom we have found a kindred spirit. As we travel the city in search of discarded material for our art, City Harvest travels the city with a higher purpose, collecting ‘millions of pounds of good, nutritious food from farms, restaurants, grocers, and manufacturers - to help feed the more than 1.2 million New Yorkers struggling to put food on their tables.’

So this year, proceeds from 733 Collective’s Twisted Toy Factory will be donated to City Harvest to support their efforts in feeding hungry New Yorkers.

**No member of 733 Collective will take a salary from this event. We are relying entirely on sponsorships, donations, and volunteers to make this event happen. Aside from such hard costs as venue rental, insurance coverage, and similar logistical expenses, proceeds from ticket sales, merchandise, raffle, and silent auction will be donated to City Harvest. We guarantee a minimum donation of $5,000.00, and are working hard daily to make it so much more!!   Final donations will be announced and released to all Twisted Toy Factory guests on November 9, 2018**

We are looking for additional corporate sponsorships and donors to help support our efforts to raise money and make Twisted Toy Factory an event to remember. Your donation goes a long way toward supporting Making Mischief, our free
all-ages community outreach event. 
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please click the link below for more information
"I’ve attended multiple events produced by the 733 Collective and each time I’ve been amazed by the innovative design, immersive experience, and attention to detail. It is clear that this team collaborates with creativity, efficiency, and joy. Their parties are magical."
-- Linda Rosenbury, Founding Principal Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School 


"There was so much to take in and everything was so expertly designed to the point where I almost didn’t feel worthy of being there, it was just that good... I am so in awe of and wholly grateful to all of the talented and creative individuals in this group for allowing me the opportunity to experience so many of their exceptional events. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a truly unique and highly immersive event experience."
 -- Adriane Hamilton, Marketing Manager Urbahn Architects,
     Comedy Writer, Podcast Host

At 733 Collective we specialize in all things Halloween. The Collective emerged from a series of ‘underground’ events that started as backyard Halloween parties, and spiraled into immersive experiences that transformed not only the backyard, but an entire duplex apartment inside and out. The planning and preparation often took months, and the events have grown more spectacular with each passing year. We have gained hundreds of fans simply by word of mouth, who eagerly anticipate our parties every year. We feel and appreciate our communities love and support and respond by going bigger and better every time.

This year we have decided to go bigger than ever before and give that love and support we have felt back to the community! This is your chance to be part of a growing movement and get involved in an unforgettable annual event on the ground floor.




We are a dedicated team of architects, artists, experiential designers, fabricators, event organizers, and storytellers committed to using innovative and creative expression to transform the mundane into the extraordinary
We create memorable events using our shared experience as architects, designers, and storytellers, and inspire the local to reach out and contribute to the global. 
We pledge to continue to enrich community values, through building broader relationships and strengthening connections to reach a wider audience. Through serving the community with fun safe events for all ages, we will encourage and expand charitable giving and enable local communities to realize their power within the global story.  
The Collective

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